Inspections made easy.

Equip your service team with an inspection solution that they can learn in minutes, so you can manage operations from wherever you are.

Quickly create inspections and checklists items

Create inspections with rich data collection, add photos and comments to each checklist item.

Capture rich, accurate data

Empower users to perform complex tasks with easy-to-use mobile forms that dynamically guide users based on field conditions.

Share with your colleagues

Easily share the work order with your colleagues for quick collaboration. The work order will be access via a public link which you can disable at any time.

Say goodbye to paperwork

Up-to-date information is embedded within forms in the app. Collected data is then sent in real time to back-office systems or cloud services, helping to dramatically reduce asset downtime.

  • Create and assign an inspection task to your maintenance staff.
  • Chat and collaborate live with your staff.
  • Get instant push notifications when your team updates the status or adds a new comment.
  • View the progress of the inspection from start to completion.
  • Instantly synchronises your updates with the desktop web-app.

Modernize your
maintenance workflow

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“An awesome tool for your maintenance staff”
"Equidesk is a must have software for any maintenance team. Helps keeps your jobs and team organised & informed. I especially like the fact that you can view information & work orders across multiple facilities, plus being able to filter these information so easily. I also like that you can communicate with all team members on each work order instantly."

Review on Capterra by Joe O.

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